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JPS Schedules Bond Election for Building Improvements

June 11, 2018

Building Stronger Schools Together! - Jackson Public Schools

Jackson residents will soon get the opportunity to vote on whether to allow the Jackson Public School District to borrow approximately $65 million to repair and upgrade aging schools and facilities across the District. 

Jackson Public Schools has the opportunity to issue general obligation bonds (GO Bonds) to fund capital improvements at various schools in the District. The total amount of approximately $65 million will be used directly toward making building improvements, renovations and/or construction at our schools. Potential projects include: 

  • Replacing HVAC units at Forest Hill High School and Callaway High School.
  • Completing the renovation of Newell Field.
  • Adding science labs at all middle and high schools.
  • Redesigning libraries to build internet cafés for students.
  • Updating the auditorium/performance space at Power APAC.
  • Building a performance space at Forest Hill High School for APAC programs.
  • Various infrastructure projects at schools, such as replacing carpets and windows, paving parking lots and other such projects. 

The District paid off some existing debt in April 2018 and now has the opportunity to reissue the debt to get these additional funds.  Because the existing debt was already being paid by taxpayers, reissuing the same amount will not cause any increase in taxes paid by homeowners for Jackson Public Schools.

The date of the election is Tuesday, August 7.

Download JPS Bond Referendum Fact Sheet & Proposed Projects with Expenditures (PDF).

Ask questions and share your feedback about the 2018 Bond Election.

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