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Welcome to CCAS

Principal, Dr. Addison-Ross Greetings,

I am Dr. Falanda Addison-Ross, principal of the Capital City Alternative School.  Our goals are to provide quality educational programming for academically, behaviorally and/or emotionally at-risk students by:

Providing each student with an appropriate and meaningful individualized instructional plan (IIP) and/or an Individualized

Educational Program (IEP) necessary for enhancing progress toward promotion, graduation and/or GED attainment;

Ensuring that students receive individual and group counseling, social services, and quality behavioral supports and related services necessary for developing stable patterns of adaptive and prosocial behavior necessary for transition back to traditional school settings;

Developing positive self-concepts and high motivation in students;

Creating a safe, welcoming, and caring school climate

We want to ensure excellence is our goal and educating scholars are our mission.


Falanda Addison-Ross, PhD

Principal of the Alternative School                                                              

“Still Building, Still Stronger, Still Together”