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CARES Act Funds & Chromebooks: A Progress Report from Dr. Errick L. Greene

September 17, 2020

JPS Chromebooks

JPS Chromebooks

Our decision to launch a full virtual model of instruction for the fall semester was based on the alarming COVID cases in Jackson leading up to the start of school. At that time, we ordered 11,000 new Chromebooks to finally achieve one device for each scholar in JPS.

Contrary to some reports, districts do not automatically receive CARES funds. An application must be submitted and approved by MDE. Once the application is approved, MDE will reimburse the district the funds that they have expended. However, we placed those multi-million-dollar orders in advance of receiving those funds because we knew it was in the best interest of our scholars. Unfortunately, we along with districts across the country, are facing supply shortages and extended delays of several months in receiving laptops and other equipment needed for online learning.

Currently, 75% of JPS scholars either have a personal or district device to use for synchronous instruction, while the other 25% of our scholars are receiving weekly instructional packets and outreach from teachers. We encourage parents to stay connected via our website and social media platforms to learn more about device distribution and other important district news.

While virtual instruction has definitely had its challenges, there have also been many bright spots here in JPS. I have observed several virtual classes and witnessed some amazing instruction and scholar engagement. Mr. William Bradford, a teacher at Murrah High School, is a perfect example of how our teachers and scholars are exhibiting our core values of excellence, positive and respectful culture, and a growth mindset.


Watch as Mr. Bradford uses technology to solve math problems with his advanced math class at Murrah High School.