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Canvas Student Help Guide


 First you must have your school email address.  

  • It will be one of two things 
  • If your lunch number is 6 digits, your email is:  (your lunch number with the zeroes)​  Example: 000123456​  
  • If your lunch number is 7 digits, your email is: (your lunch number with the zeroes)​ Example: 00​ 


2. Next, go online and type “JPS Clever” in the search bar. Search. 

3. Click on the Link that says “Jackson Public School District - Clever | Login”. 

4. Sign into JPS Clever using your school email address and this password: 2 digit month 2 digit day 4 digit year (Example: 03122001)

5. Go down to the header which says “Virtual Learning (District)”

6. Find the icon that says “Canvas” and click on it. 

7.This should bring you to your “Canvas Dashboard”