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Leaders Today Attend MOWW/YLC 2019

One outstanding 11th grade 5th Battalion JROTC cadets will attend the 2019 Military Order of World Wars (MOWW) Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) at the U.S. Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama on October 30 through November 2, 2019. 


Cadet 1st First Sergeant Akiah Smith was nominated by the JROTC cadre to compete for an opportunity to attend the conference. Several board members from the Jackson Chapter of MOWW reviewed resumes and conducted interviews of students from across the metro area. Her selections were based on demonstrated performance and interview results.

MOWW is a four-day Youth Leadership Conference serving America's youth with over 80 other high school students from Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee expected to participate in this conference.  Youth Leadership Conference programs throughout the United States are a no cost experience to the high school students who attend. Other JPS cadets selected are

  1. Cadet LTC Ramiyah Thompson, Wingfield H.S.
  2.  Cadet Flannan Ngong, Jim Hill H.S.
  3.  Cadet Essence Byrd, Jim Hill H.S.
  4.  Cadet Zykera Johnson, Callaway H.S.
  5.  Cadet Heaven Thomas. Provine H.S.
  6.  Cadet Jerica James, Murrah H.S.

 These students receive patriotic education on leadership in a free society, concepts of the free enterprise system, principles of democracy, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and civic responsibilities associated with preserving American rights and freedoms. Students also develop speaking, writing and leadership skills, which contributes to their development as more engaged citizens and future leaders.