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Patriot Battalion Cadre Honored

Hard work is its own reward though a true statement was altered on September 19 @ 6PM when two of the FHHS Patriots Battalion cadre were recognized for their dedication to Motivate Young People to Become Better Citizens.  1SG Zelon Odom received the Cadet Command Instructor Bronze Award and LTC Linda Prowell received the Command Award for Public Service.  These two awards were among several given for the significant contribution to the Jackson Public School system Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp program.   


Odom 1SG Zelon Odom joined the Forest Hill cadre in the spring of 2017 immediately after his retirement from active duty of over 27 years.  His recognition is the first level of three on the Instructor award track.  The Bronze award is given to certified JROTC instructors who have displayed the qualities of the program motto, the seven army values, worked in the program for no less than two year.  1SG Odom is the LET III instructor, the Cadet Challenge and Adventure Training Unit coach since becoming a Battalion member.  His exceptional work ethics, dedication to making a difference in all that he does, the way he mentors students and encourages them to strive for excellence in themselves is evident daily in the Forest Hill.  He goes beyond the JROTC program in many ways and students seek him to assist in making their goals a reality.  He is joining the rolls of many fine instructors at Forest Hill and the Jackson Public school JROTC program.  SFC Edward McDonald was given this honor several years ago as was LTC Linda Prowell.  Keep up the great things 1SG Odom that you are doing.  You are making a tremendous difference in the lives of many cadets, students, facility members and staff at Forest Hill High, the south Jackson area and the city of Jackson.


PSA Where much is given much is required is a mantra that LTC Linda Prowell lives by and this is evident in her daily service of others.  Being given the Cadet Command Commanders Award for Public Service is visible affirmation of her selfless service to others.  Since joining the Forest Hill High school Patriot Battalion in 2013 and the two years in the Jefferson County High school Tiger Battalion, her contribution to the cadets, fellow instructors, students, other facility and staff members, communities and this state is immeasurable.  As a Sr Army Instructor for 8 years, a JROTC area Instructor Trainer for 5 years, a webmaster for the JPS JROTC department and the school program for over 4 years, a Brigade summer professional development trainer for over three years, an innovator for increase technology in the lives of cadets that will better themselves are only a few of the things she does to pay forward the things that have been instead in her.  LTC Prowell also served on school leadership teams under two principals, served as the OIC of multiple STEM campus, assisted the advancement of local and regional academic camps since her return to the greater Jackson area.  She works tirelessly to better the Patriots JROTC program, her surrounding and this community.    Other JROTC recognition earned by LTC Prowell is not limited to the Instructor Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Her actions are show putting others first is rewarding to you in more ways than you can count.


The instructors at Forest Hill work hard daily to make a difference and it is displayed in the school,and community.