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911 Reflection on 'Patriots" day

Artwork from Art II class The cadets of 5th Battalion honor the first responders, military personnel, hosiptal workers, law enforcement, etc as a results of incidences of Septemer 11, 2001.  After a moment of silence the following was read, " 


Good morning, today is a special day.  It brings mixed emotions and moments of pride.  18 years ago at 8:46 AM the world we live in changed.  Because of the ideas of a few the masses beliefs were tested.  Please silently pause to honor the families that lost love one, pause for the ones that willingly left families to serve a larger idea –Freedom to live in a safe environment, pause to say thank them for what they have done to benefit our life. 


As you go through out this day, be a little more excepting of others and their difference,  consider the common ideas no matter how small they maybe, allow this day to be the beginning of you living in a purple world.  Become a person who strives to have their red personality blended with brown behavior and have a splash of green activities in the mist of drops of blue ideas.


18 years ago a world of this type of people were tested and we rose to the challenge.  Thank you to first responders, military personnel, public servants and many more.  Please remember that September 11 2001, is and will always be more than a day.  It was the beginning of a new world birth out of a tragedy. " by LTC Prowell, SAI.


Let's start today and never forget.