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Patriots Gain New Leadership for 2019 School Year

2019 FHHS staff

We are more than just a group of teenagers, we are more than just a program.  We are a team of great, RESPONSIBLE Citizens and we stick together. 

This is the 5th Battalion mantra for the 2019-2020 school year.  The staff displayed their dedication to this mantra July 29 thru 31, 2019 at their annual cadet staff leadership training. 

 This training is a consolidated event hosted by the JPD Director of Army Instruction, Starkville High school Sr Army Instructor along with instructors from Hazelhurst High and Yazoo City.  

 Patriot leadership representing the Patriot Battalion from the head on is Battalion Commander Cadet Colonel Travis Adams, Executive Officer Cadet Major Talisa Brown, Cadet 2 Lieutenant Caleb Rhodes as Personnel Officer, Security Officer and Automation Officer is Cadet First Lieutenant Eliza Thompson, Operations Officer Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Angel Hill, Logistics Officer Cadet Major Christianna Wooten, Cadet Second Lieutenant Robert Hannah as Public Relations Officer with cadet Command Sergeant Major Micah Lee rounding out the team.

 JPS Brigade Staff attended this training as facilitators also. Each high school has a representation in this group. They cadets learned teamwork across Battalion line and even county line.  They came out of the training energized, motivated and ready to carry the Brigade into the next five years seven battalions as Honor Units with Distinction.