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MS Coding Academy Rep Spends Time on the Hill

25 April


  Grp with alumni     A 1997 FHHS graduate came back on campus to recruit for an upcoming class at the Mississippi Coding Academy beginning June 24, 2019.  This school was founded in the Jackson area in 2017 and graduated it’s first class 11 months later.  This reality based school is located downtown Jackson near the convention center and Mr. Herbert Brown has been an instructors at the school since it began.


    The audience today was 75 eager cadets ranging from 9th through 12th graders.  They ask question and engaged Mr. Brown in a very interactive conversation.  They defined coding, the need for person in the career field, the eligibility requirements for admission, potential career opportunities with pay scale and the cost of attending the school. 


MS Coding Academy Gallery


      Remember this 11 month, free tuition, daily reality training opportunity requires a high school diploma, no ACT score, only a high school GPA and zero application fee.  Come visit and then attend this school and set yourself up to receive one of about eleven hundred entry level jobs across this state.   


     If you want more information or details, please contact the school JROTC SAI or school counselor.  You can also contact MS Coding directly.