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2019 Outstanding Cadets – Excellence in Academic and Leadership


   Diamonds shine through it all.  The hard work, dedication, attention to details and sacrifice of the 2019 outstanding cadets of the 5th Battalion was recognized, celebrated and reward on 21 February, 2019.  They are standing on the shoulders on countless other striving FHHS Patriot cadets current and past.  They are displaying the pride embodies in them from parents, educations, community leaders and other personal mentors.  Their ability to withstand pressure and excel is evident thus the diamonds of today and tomorrow.


   Cadet of the Year FHHS  The top diamond is Cadet Major Darlisia Williams, a LET III and the outstanding Cadet of the Year for 2019.  She has a 3.0 GPA desires to be a cardiothoracic surgeon in the military then upon retirement open her own practice.  She is an active member of the drill team, academic bowl team, interested in robotics, a member of the school choir and several mentoring organization in her community and church.  Cadet Williams is an inspiration to fellow cadets/ scholars at Forest Hill its feeder pattern along with her neighborhood.  The immediate reward to this cadet is a position on the 2019-2020 school year District Brigade staff to name a few.


She was not the only cadets recognized as a Patriot diamond.  One cadet for each LET level was honored for their accomplishments academically, physical, volunteer services and leadership.


 LET 1 Outstanding cadet  The 9th grader / LET I is Cadet Private First Class Kalisa Washington who is an outstanding drill team member, hard workers academically and physically. Her goals are to graduate from high school with honors and get a full scholarship to college.  She is dedicated to herself, her family, the program and school plus her neighborhood.  Washington is a born leader and the qualities are displayed in such a professional manner at all times.  This graduate of 2022, future color guard command and incredible volunteer is a diamond shining through it all.


 Outstanding LET II The two 10th graders/ LET II are Cadet Staff Sergeant Alayjha Dove and Cadet Sergeant Akiah Smith.  Both cadets have a 3.0 or higher GPA, are members of JROTC teams, outstanding cadets that give others in the program, school community and their respective neighborhoods.  They are shining as diamonds and setting the standard for the future of FHHS program.



The LET IV honoree was unable to attend the ceremony. As a graduating senior with a GPA of 3.4, in the top 10% of the FHHS Class of 2019 and dedicated to excellence missing this event was unavoidable.  Congratulaions and keep you the hard work.


JROTC cresr  This festive honoree celebration held at MS Jackson State e-center beginning at 6:00 pm with a small dinner and the announcement of the district’s Cadet of the Year 2019.  Family members, friends and school administrators attended the event along with the cadet’s primary instructors being SFC (R ) Edward McDonald as the LET I, SFC (R) Montrell McGruder representing LET II and 1SG (R ) Zelon Odom teaching LET III.  The Senior Army Instructor of the entire program is LTC (R ) Linda Prowell.