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Reflections and Encouragement from JPS Superintendent

January 7, 2021

Dr. Errick L. Greene
Dr. Errick L. Greene, Ed.D., Superintendent

Dear JPS community, 

As you have undoubtedly learned, our country experienced alarming acts of violence yesterday when extremists stormed and vandalized the US Capitol and disrupted congressional proceedings.  Unfortunately, news reports of those events only brought back to the surface, for many people, anxieties, fears and concerns about the ongoing political and social unrest in our country.  Simply reflecting on the historic impact of the senatorial elections in Georgia and the insurrection in Washington, DC, the importance of education in civics, sociology, literacy and world cultures is readily apparent in this moment.  

Included in our Profile of a JPS Graduate are areas of development that we consider to be critical competencies for building a more just and democratic society.  Regardless of one’s political or social views, to live and thrive in this world one must be able to think critically, communicate clearly, solve problems, and embrace diversity.  I firmly believe this focus on more than just names and dates in history will support our scholars in becoming the leaders who will demand and ensure our collective rise. 

In addition to the overarching educational focus outlined in the Profile, we will provide our educators with additional resources and guidance to support their continued work with scholars in making sense of these challenging times and the opportunities that lie ahead for their leadership.  Parents, I encourage you to discuss the recent events with your scholars, to share your thoughts on the state of the world, and to encourage them to continue preparing themselves to fully participate in the democratic process.  A simple word from you to let them know that things can be better and that they could be the ones to make them so would be powerful.  Ask them questions.  See what they know and what they’re thinking.  Most importantly, acknowledge any discomfort or confusion that they might have.  This will most certainly fuel their development over time. 

Finally, I want to thank you for your partnership in this effort to educate our scholars.  I truly believe in their innate brilliance, and it’s important that we help them navigate these difficult times so that they never lose sight of their brilliance but develop it to the fullest.  

Errick L. Greene, Ed.D.