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The Callaway Choir excels at a competition in Orlando, Florida

    The Callaway choir earned gold and silver awards at a competition in Orlando, Florida, over spring break, winning an all-expenses-paid trip to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Callaway Choir with awards

Members of Callaway Choir with Awards

The choir sang a total of eight songs split between the men’s chorale, women’s chorale, mixed chorale, and the main choir.

The women’s chorale placed Gold with the songs “Johnny Said No” and “Swing Low Sweet Chariot.” The mixed chorale and the whole choir won gold with the song “The Eyes of All.” Other songs performed included “I’m Gonna Sing Til the Spirit,” “Daniel, Servant of the Lord.” The men’s chorale placed Silver-1st with the songs “Earth Song” and “God Be in My Head.”

The boys have a discussion, the girls look on

Boys have a heated discussion with girls on-looking

Sophomore Nicholas Stucky won the Mastro award for his solo performance. Overall, the choir came back with more awards this year than any other competition year.

The choir stayed in Cabana Bay Beach Resort. The students visited Universal Studios and walked the City Walk. The choir also went to church in uptown Orlando.

After the competition, the choir went back to Universal Studios to have fun and attend the award ceremony in the theme park.