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2019-2020 District Tap Mediators

Several JPS middle and high school students who have been selected to serve as peer mediators for their schools participated in an induction ceremony on October 29 at Blackburn Middle School. Students from Blackburn, Kirksey, and Whitten Middle Schools were inducted along with students from Callaway, Jim Hill, and Wingfield High Schools. The Mediator Oath of Service was administered by Judge Denise Owens.

The students are part of Talk About the Problem, or TAP, a peer mediation and conflict resolution program. TAP is used in JPS schools to reduce student conflicts, suspensions, and expulsions. As an added benefit, it increases the communication and leadership skills of the mediators. Student mediators are trained to counsel their student peers in conflict with the aim of helping them reach mutual resolutions. The program empowers students to stop conflict in their school communities as well as in their neighborhoods.