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Policy and Guidlines

  • 833 Courtesy Committee

    The Courtesy Committee, among other responsibilities, shall be responsible for establishing protocol for ensuring that there is consistency in offering courtesies to every member of the 833 Courtesy Association.

    Policy Statement:
    It is the policy of 833 Courtesy to extend courtesies in an economical, consistent, and appropriate way.

    The policy applies to all members and associate members of 833 Courtesy.

    Policy Requirements:

    •  Financial Limitations

    - The maximum per person costs limits for any form of courtesies may only be exceeded in unusual and non-recurring circumstances and must have prior approval by the 833 Executive Committee.
    - Spouse (Accompanying Person): Courtesies extended to the spouse of a person officially attending a function must be restricted to situations where the presence of a spouse enhances the conduct of the function because of protocol.

    Recognizing Events/Occasions

    Courtesy to the Bereaved:

           In case of illness or death of a member or associate member of the 833 Courtesy Association or an immediate family member or his/her loved ones, sympathy should be extended on behalf of the 833 Courtesy Association. An immediate family member is defined as:

    1. Spouse,
    2. Parent (biological, adoptive, step),
    3. Child (biological, adopted, step, foster, legal ward, or one you are standing in for as their parent),
    4. Siblings (biological, adoptive, step),
    5. Grandparents or grandchildren (including step and great-grand relationships).

    Types of courtesies:


    Spouse, Parent, Child, 833 Courtesy Member or Associate Member – donate a plant (going market rate) and send a resolution expressing condolences on behalf of 833 Courtesy
    Siblings, Grandparents, Grandchildren - Card-only

    Illness (833 Courtesy Members/Associate Members Only)

    • For outpatient surgery – a card only
    • For overnight hospital visits – give a card and plant or fruit basket (going market rate)
    • Card only if home for a couple of days
    • Letter of Congratulation: A letter of congratulation should be sent to any member or associate member of 833 Courtesy, regardless of the length of service, for campus promotion, or for accepting positions elsewhere.

    Marriages, Births, and Adoptions

    • 833 Members Only
      $50 Gift Card


    Acknowledgment of Retirement:

    Upon retirement, after a minimum of two (2) years of faithful service, the 833 Courtesy member or associate member should be recognized for service to the organization with a plaque specifying the length of service. Recognition could be made at an ARD function or sponsored event such as the Symposium. Courtesy should be extended to the spouse of the retiree by inviting him/her to the event including covering all travel-related costs.


    • Supporting Campus Scholarship Fund: Support of a scholarship fund in the name of a retiree could be a personal option.
    • The Courtesy Committee, in consultation with the 833 Courtesy Treasurer and Executive Director, shall decide upon and purchase a gift for the outgoing 833 Courtesy Chair.

    NOTE: It is the responsibility of the ARD member or Associate member to share with the Chair of ARD events or occasions that merit the application of courtesies. The chair will in turn notify the Courtesy Committee which will act in accordance with stipulated policy.

    Perscilla Sterling-Treasurer

    Darel Thigpen-Chair

    Conesha Barron

Conesha W Barron