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JPS Scholars Call on Jackson Citizens to Be Their Vote

October 31, 2023

JPS scholars are calling on the Jackson community to Be Their Vote! You play a crucial role in instilling the importance of civic duty in the next generation. Share with your children why voting is essential. Take them with you to the polls so they can witness the process firsthand. If your child is 18, make sure he or she is registered to vote.  

Talk to your children about the significance of their future. Encourage them to be informed, engaged citizens. Teach them that their voices matter, and that voting is how they can make a difference. 

Let's make sure every eligible citizen in Jackson knows about the importance of voting on November 7, 2023. Share this message with your friends, family, and neighbors. Together, we can make a powerful impact! Remember, every vote counts, and every voice matters. Let's shape a brighter future for Jackson, Mississippi! 

For any information you need about voting, please visit the Secretary of State's website:

Please listen to a very important message from JPS about the importance of voting by clicking here: JPS Be My Vote Video.