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Greetings Chastain Middle School Students and Families!


Warrior Family,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Chastain Middle School. I welcome all who are new to Chastain and welcome back all who are returning.

I am Mr. Harrison Michael, and I have been appointed the Principal of Chastain Middle School, and for that I’m grateful and humble. I am looking forward to enhancing the climate and culture of Chastain as we strive for the expectation of excellence. With the partnerships of administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, and community leaders we will move towards being a successful school. This school year will afford important academic and social opportunities for our students.

We have an outstanding staff who is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to groom the minds of our students.  We are refining the ways in which we collaborate,make decisions, and solve problems as we put a strong emphasis on building a village with all stakeholders involved.  This journey will pave the way for our reclaimed identity of being one family striving for the ultimate goal of creating a positive environment producing well rounded and productive citizens.

I urge all parents and community leaders to be active members and participants of the school’s PTSA. We have so many opportunities for improvement, and it can only help for all stakeholders to unite in our crusade. Your feedback and support are essential to our continued improvement.

I am motivated to provide a quality academic and social experience for each student, while caring about them and their families. My main concern is to provide a safe and positive learning community for all. I am excited about the partnerships we will build this school year. We are Chastain Ready!


Harrison Michael, Principal