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Jackson Public Schools Celebrates the Class of 2021

June 7, 2021

Valedictorians & Salutatorians
Valedictorians & Salutatorians (from top left to bottom right): C. Yarber & S. Blackmon, Callaway; K. Johnson & A. Urbano, Forest Hill; X. Branch & T. Love, Jim Hill; J. McLaurin & L. Thompson, Lanier; H. Bengten & E. Goodwin, Murrah; T. Burton, J. Anthony & T. Johnson, Provine; and R. Thompson & K. Epps, Wingfield

Jackson Public Schools returned to in-person ceremonies for the class of 2021, which was the right decision for these graduating seniors. Accommodations were made to control the size of the gatherings in order to balance the need for a celebration to mark this triumphant milestone. Of course, the common theme was 'you made it.' These graduates truly earned a celebration. They endured to the finish through a full year of online instruction, adapting to hybrid instructional scenarios mid-year, unexpected weather days just as in-person learning was available, and intermittent water outages at some but not all schools. At least we all know one thing for sure: this generation is adaptable and ready for anything and everything that comes; they are pandemic-proven.

Below are some highlights from this year's Class of 2021 Celebration.

Valedictorians & Salutatorians

Callaway–Harrison Michael, Principal Cameron Yarber Samunique Blackmon
Forest Hill–Torrey Hampton, Principal Khadari Johnson Ana Urbano
Jim Hill–Bobby D. Brown, Principal Xavian Branch Terryonna Love
Lanier–Dr. Valerie Bradley, Principal Jamecia McLaurin La’Kiya Thompson
Murrah–Dr. Alvanette Buchanan Thomas, Principal Hanna Bengten Eleanor Goodwin
Provine–Dr. Shelita Brown, Principal Taliyah Burton Joseph Anthony & Trinitee Johnson
Wingfield–Roderick Smith, Principal Ramiyah Thompson Kaniya Epps

Class Sizes & Scholarship Totals

Callaway High 227 $ 2,195, 528
Forest Hill High 206 $563,500
Jim Hill High 207 $13,397,061
Lanier High 152 $948,500
Murrah High 279 $10,267,321
Provine High 185 $1,190,805
Wingfield High 174 $1,982,000
TOTAL 1,430 $30,544,715

 "As you prepare for the next stage in your life, I sincerely hope you will continue to increase your knowledge and continue your education whether it's formally or informally. Never stop learning. Never stop being curious about the world around you, increasing your skillsets, and creating more and more opportunities for you, not only for you but also for your loved ones."

-- Dr. Errick L. Greene, JPS Superintendent

We've created a Playlist of the 2021 JPS Graduations for all families to watch online anytime.