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APAC Students Selected as Duke Tip Scholars

Read the following from the JPS District Website:

In the 2015-2016 school year, Jackson Public Schools had 11 seventh-grade scholars who qualified for state-level recognition based on their ACT sub-scores on three or more parts of the ACT. Many of these middle schoolers achieved ACT scores that were at or above the state average of 19, and at least two students scored at or above the national average of 21.

As participants in Duke University’s Talent Identification Program, these scholars and their families received test preparation materials; tools to interpret their scores; access to extended learning programs during the school year and summer; college prep services; and other resources.

The 2015-2016 Duke TIP scholars from Jackson Public Schools are:

Sydney Shaw, Northwest IB, 18
Mikayla Smith, Northwest IB, 18
Hanna Bengten, Bailey APAC, 23
Leandrea Clay, Bailey APAC, 21
Eleanor Goodwin, Bailey APAC, 22
Camille Halverson, Bailey APAC, 20
Kennedy Hewitt, Bailey APAC, 20
Madison Huddleston, Bailey APAC, 20
John Sewell, Bailey APAC, 20
Ashton Shannon, Bailey APAC, 19
Destinee Turner, Bailey APAC, 22
Duke University’s Talent Identification Program offers two talent searches: the Fourth–Sixth Grade Talent Search and the Seventh Grade Talent Search. Both programs give students the opportunity to take above-grade level tests. In the Fourth–Sixth Grade Talent Search, students take the EXPLORE test for eighth graders; while participants in the Seventh Grade Talent Search take the ACT or SAT college entrance exam.