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JPS Unveils Organizational Chart for the 2019-2020 School Year

April 17, 2019

Building Stronger Schools Together - Jackson Public Schools At the April 2, 2019, meeting of the JPS School Board, JPS Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene proposed and the Board unanimously approved a plan to restructure the school district. Greene presented to the Board six leadership positions that will be significantly revised or newly created effective July 1.

Dr. Greene stated that the goal of this effort is to ensure that every JPS student has the best opportunity to receive an excellent education. 

"These positions are largely focused on our efforts to transform teaching and learning in Jackson Public Schools and begin to provide the structures necessary for greater effectiveness and alignment to the needs of the District," said Dr. Greene.

To summarize, these changes are as follows:

  • The Deputy Superintendent of Academics will become the Chief Academic Officer. He will oversee each of the Assistant Superintendents and other school support areas.
  • Research and Accountability will become Data and Accountability. The office will be moved from the Deputy Superintendent of Academics to the Chief of Staff which is responsible for keeping the District on course in progressing through its strategic plan.
  • Public and Media Relations will become Public Engagement and the responsibilities of the office will be expanded.
  • Student Support Services will become the Office of Climate and Wellness.
  • The Curriculum and Professional Development offices will be merged into the Office of Teaching and Learning in an effort to bring together teacher development and curriculum in a way that leads to effective implementation of curricular content in classrooms.
  • An Assistant Superintendent role was added, increasing the number from four to five. Assistant Superintendents will be assigned a group of schools based on grade level instead of feeder pattern. This move will reduce the number of schools under each administrator's supervision. There will be three Assistant Superintendents for elementary schools, one for middle schools, and one for high schools.
  • A Chief Talent Officer position will be added, although the role will not be funded or filled until after the 2019-2020 school year. In the meantime, the District will focus on enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness as it studies staffing needs and the best approaches for meeting them.

"We believe there is a great need for a Chief Talent Officer in JPS," said Dr. Greene. "But we want to focus on fortifying our teaching and learning efforts first and building towards a stronger talent strategy to transform the District over time."

In the upcoming school year, five division chiefs will report directly to the Superintendent—the Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Academic Officer, General Counsel, and Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Talent Officer will ultimately report to the Superintendent when the position is filled sometime after the 2019-2020 school year. District administrators believe this will result in a cost savings of nearly $1 million in addition to creating the framework for delivering on the promise of transforming lives through excellent education.

"I'm glad to see this moving forward," said Dr. Robert Luckett. "It's an exciting time for Jackson Public Schools. I appreciate the work and thought and effort that you and your team have put into helping us begin the process of transforming this District."

Download the 2019-2020 JPS Organizational Chart (PDF) for reference.

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