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The School Year so Far!

The school year so far has been busy with learning activities.  From ABC's and 123's, to music lessons and physical education, we are always doing something worthwhile!  Our year started off with smiling faces in the building.  After being out of the building for while, it was nice to finally be back in the classrooms.  

The teachers are hard at work teaching students how to write their names, reading them stories, getting started in Waterford Reading and Math, and running immersive centers.  Lunch time is always a favorite, with yummy food and cold milks and juices.  Snack time is always good too!  After a hard day of work and play, our scholars get a well earned rest time, with peaceful music, and cozy cots.  At some point during the day, we squeeze in time for recess, music, p.e., counseling, and library time.  

Nap Time at Van Winkle

Some of our recent events include Family Literacy Night, and Pete the Cat AR Kick-off.  At the AR Kick-off, our scholars learned the process behind taking an AR test and the different rewards they could earn by getting points towards their AR goals.   During Family Literacy Night, parents and students were exposed to activities that help improve student outcomes in literacy.  These activities included fine motor skill development, story time, alphabet recognition, number recognition, and movement activities.  

Ms. McCullough teaches students how to improve fine motor skills with shaving cream.

Even though we are still in a pandemic, we are striving to provide an enviroment rich in learning opportunities for our students.  If you know of anyone with a four year old taht needs a place to learn, send them to us! We would love to have them.