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Staff of Month: May

Ms. Hardy receives her plaque.

May's employees of the month are Portia Hardy, Patricia Stokes, and Joshua Taylor.  

Ms. Hardy is one of our Pre-K teachers.  She is creative and willing to go above and beyond for her students.   Even students who are not in her class, recognize her coming down the hallway.  They all want to speak to the supe teacher that is Ms. Hardy.  

Ms. Stokes receives her plaque.

Ms. Stokes serves as a Pre-K teacher.  She is loving and kind so her students love her.  The staff loves her as well.  She helps out anytime she is asked, and she is always making sure everyone is taken care of.  

Coach Taylor receives his plaque.

Coach Taylor was our P.E. Teacher for the year.   He is always entertaining both the staff and students.  Even though Coach is leaving us this year, he will always have a place at Van Winkle.  

These staff go above and beyond for our students.  Keep being VanWonderful!