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Progress Being Made on Multiple Bond Construction Projects

November 5, 2019

Obama Parking Lot
New and improved parking lot entrance at Barack Obama Elementary
Renovated bathrooms in Wingfield boys and girls bathrooms

Upgrades to boys and girls restrooms at Wingfield High School

Photo Gallery: 2019 Bond Updates – November

Facilities Executive Director Don McCrackin reported on progress being made on the 2018 Bond Construction Program during the November 4 regular meeting of the JPS Board of Trustees. Various projects at multiple sites were recently completed, while others are making steady progress. A summary of some of these projects is provided below. For more information, click the related resource links at the bottom of this page.

Barack Obama Elementary School Parking Lot Improvements

Improvements were made to the entrance into the parking lot at Barack Obama Elementary School. Previously, conditions made it difficult to enter due to a steep incline from the North President Street entrance to the front apron of the parking lot. The completed project allows drivers to enter and exit with ease via the North President Street driveway.

Timberlawn Elementary School Parking Lot Improvements

At Timberlawn Elementary, the north and south surfaces of the parking lot were significantly deteriorated and were in need of considerable improvements. Drainage repairs and a new asphalt overlay were completed for the north parking areas. The south side of the parking area will receive similar improvements in Phase II, and the project is scheduled to be completed before the end of the school year.

Van Winkle Elementary School Site Improvements

Van Winkle Elementary's bus staging walkways were riddled with heaved areas caused by soil (Yazoo Clay) contraction and expansion, resulting in the need for extensive repairs. The entire length of all covered walkway areas, where students arrive and depart from school daily, is being replaced with new concrete walkways. Other areas around the school, especially concrete stoops and landings at exterior classroom doors, are being removed and regraded to allow unobstructed passage for students, teachers and staff.

Wingfield High School Second Floor Restroom Upgrades

Upgrades to the second floor boys and girls restrooms at Wingfield High School are underway. Improvements include installing new fixtures, doors, partitions, lavatories, and lighting.

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