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Jackson Voters Pass 2018 JPS Bond

August 8, 2018

2018 Bond Passes - Thank You
Jackson voters passed the $65 million bond for JPS schools.

Jackson voters responded overwhelmingly in favor of Jackson Public Schools in the bond election held Tuesday, August 7. The $65 million bond referendum passed with 86 percent voting for the measure and only 14 percent voting against. JPS School Board President Dr. Jeanne Hairston talked about what the victory means for JPS students.

"This demonstrates to them that the adults are behind them 100 percent, and we stand ready to help them to be successful and achieve," said Dr. Hairston. "We want our parents, our guardians, our grandparents to know that all of us in the district—this Board in particular—are committed to working every day on behalf of all of our students so that everyone is welcome here at JPS."

The bond gives JPS the opportunity to complete improvements and restore infrastructure at all of its schools. About $15.5 million will go towards issues raised by the Mississippi Department of Education in a Corrective Action Plan. Also included are safety improvements at Newell Field. The field was a popular site for football and soccer games and band events. Some of the work will directly impact teaching and learning, such as science labs in all of the District's middle schools and high schools and internet cafes in school libraries.

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba, who has made his support for the bond widely known, has said that it will not increase taxes. Since the District paid some previous debt earlier this year, reissuing the same amount will not cause any increase in taxes paid by homeowners for Jackson Public Schools.

The JPS School Board created an oversight committee with a resolution it passed at a special meeting on July 30.


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