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JPS Announces RFP for Redevelopment of Surplus School Sites

May 15, 2024 - Jackson Public Schools has released its comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) process and launched the new Repurposing Initiative web page that will help to promote the reuse and redevelopment of our surplus school sites.
Our primary goal is to revitalize these properties, transforming them into valuable assets that contribute to the growth and prosperity of Jackson's neighborhoods. 
In a press conference on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Superintendent, Dr. Errick L. Greene said the Jackson community and Board of Trustees have made it clear that they want a plan of action to repurpose our closed or soon-to-be-shuttered buildings.

"We've heard the call and established the Facilities Repurposing Advisory Committee to help us strategically develop a comprehensive plan," Greene said during the announcement. "We've received an overwhelming amount of interest in the properties from various individuals and organizations and the RFP process and the new web page will provide a direct avenue to submit competitive proposals for the Board of Trustees to review."

Whether it's repurposing a school as a community center, a healthcare facility, affordable housing, or a creative hub, our vision is to leverage these sites to meet the diverse needs of residents, Greene added.

Ms. Latoya Cutts, Project Consultant, shared details about the RFP, new web page, and how stakeholders can purchase or lease any properties. 

Read more about the JPS Repurposing Initiative here, including a list of closed sites, undeveloped property sites, proposal guidelines and resources for interested developers.