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Thirty-year McLeod Elementary Teacher Receives Alyce Clark Award

March 28, 2024 - McLeod Elementary School First Grade Teacher Lesia Brewer is the March recipient of WAPT's Alyce Clarke Excellence in Education Award.  

When the announcement was made and 16 WAPT morning anchor Erin Pickens entered the classroom, tears immediately welled up in Brewers eyes as she humbly asked for a moment to gain her composure.

Brewer, a 30-year educator at McLeod, is passionate about helping students become successful.

"It has been a pleasure to work with so many wonderful scholars," said Brewer, wiping away the tears. "It warms my heart to see former scholars return to share their success. My passion for helping students succeed has spread over to The Genesis and Light Center, an enrichment program, where I am also employed."

Beyond her title as teacher, Brewer takes advantage of every opportunity to motivate scholars.

"I try to encourage each student to be the best they can be," said Brewer. "I feel that each student has the potential to become great scholars and amazing future leaders. I love to show my support to the scholars when they are involved in extracurricular school activities. They are always so amazed that I actually show up. To see the smile on their faces is priceless. I always want them to feel that they are special and have my support, the way I support my own children."

Brewer is the mother of three children and three grandchildren. Her children all attended McLeod, as well as The Genesis and Light Center, where they later returned to contribute their efforts and give back to the community. Now, Brewer's grandson is a part of the McLeod family, which she says seems so surreal.

"It's unbelievable! This has been an amazing journey and I truly love what I do." 

McLeod Elementary School First Grade Teacher Lesia Brewer

McLeod Elementary School First Grade Teacher Lesia Brewer

WAPT’s Alyce Clarke Excellence in Education Award recognizes an exemplary K-12 educator in their viewing region who reflects exceptional teaching methodologies, positively impacts school culture, and actively engages with their communities. The award is named in honor of Mississippi’s first Black woman elected to the Mississippi Legislature, Rep. Alyce Clarke. Through the award, WAPT seeks to extend her legacy as a beacon of strength and change in Jackson, Mississippi.

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