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Wingfield Scholars Get Competitive in Biology Boot Camp

May 13, 2022

Wingfield High biology bootcamp
Wingfield High biology boot camp
Wingfield High biology boot camp

Wingfield High School hosted its Biology Boot Camp on April 27. Scholars participated in fun physical activities after answering state practice test questions as they matriculated through an obstacle course. The questions used were aligned to the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards. District Science Coach Aisha Cork assisted Wingfield educators Ashley Jones and Stephanie Peters with the event. This was a way for scholars to experience outdoor fun without disrupting the testing environment and still participate in instructional learning.

Scholars were required to answer a question correctly before advancing on the obstacle course. Once a question was answered, they moved to the next station where they had to transcribe a strand of DNA into RNA. After successfully completing the transcription process, the students moved on to a series of physical obstacles that had to be completed. Once completed, scholars ran back and tagged the next person on his/her team. The team to have the most scholars successfully complete the course was the winner.

Wingfield plans to make this an annual event.