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Murrah’s Pleiades Wins Big at 2021 Mississippi Scholastic Press Association's Best of Mississippi Literary Magazine Awards

November 19, 2021

Pleiades Vol. 2, Ed. 8
Sarah Ballard, Advisor
Sarah Ballard, Advisor

Murrah High School’s Plieades literary magazine took home many awards at the Misissippi Scholastic Press Association’s Best of Mississippi Literary Magazine Awards earlier this month. 

For more than 60 years, The Pleiades has been an integral component of Murrah’s legacy. It has become a home for artists and writers, creating a place of solace. Therefore, the 2020-2021 Pleiades, which has the theme of “Voices in Our Heads” is dedicated to all the strange, horrific events that transpired within 2020.


Pleiades received honors in the following categories:

  • Best Literary Magazine - Winner (editor Ladorian Shelton)
  • Best Cover Design - Winner (art by Sarah Demus; design by Ladorian Shelton)
  • Best Layout and Design - Finalist
  • Best Continuity of Theme - Winner
  • Best Quality of Writing - Finalist
  • Best Quality of Visuals - Winner (Wells APAC Visual Arts Department)
  • Advisor of the Year - Finalist (Sarah Ballard)
  • Best Personal Essay - Finalist (Ladorian Shelton)
  • Best Photo - Finalist (Hannah Bengton)
  • Best Hand-drawn Art - Finalist (Sarah Demus)
  • Best Graphic Illustration Art - Finalist (Emily Battle)
  • Best Spread Design - Finalist (Ladorian Shelton)

The digital version of the 2021 Pleiades can be viewed here: The Pleiades 2020-2021.pdf

If you would like to support Pleiades, you can donate to their AWESOME fundraising effort by Murrah Alumni.