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MCM's 'Story to Stage' Exhibit On Display at Parent & Family Engagement Center

July 27, 2021

MCM Story to Stage exhibit
The 'Story to Stage' exhibit on loan from the Mississippi Children's Museum is set up in the Parent & Family Engagement Center for a limited time.

Partners in Education is excited to announce the arrival of an educational exhibit on loan from the Mississippi Children's Museum, "Story to Stage." Located in the Parent and Family Engagement Center at the Morrison Complex, the exhibit is stocked with books to read and space for children to write or draw their own stories. There are costumes, puppets, and other props that can be used to bring a child's story to life on a stage.

"'Story to Stage,' fosters a creative literacy environment for children to create their narrative. Geared toward K-third graders, children and families can engage in a multifaceted space to illustrate ideas through performance-driven activities and explore their theatrical side on an elevated stage," said Monique Ealey, Director of Education and Programs of the Mississippi Children's Museum.

"I am thrilled to share 'Story to Stage' with parents, scholars, and teachers," said Sylenia Anderson, Coordinator of the Parent & Family Engagement Center. "I believe visual enjoyment of the theater and arts can be one of the most effective tools for motivating learning and understanding."

"This is an awesome example of community partners engaging with Jackson Public Schools to support our schools and families. We are deeply grateful to the Mississippi Children's Museum for sharing this exhibit with us," said Thea Faulkner, Director of Partners In Education.

Funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 'Story to Stage' will provide an engaging opportunity for scholars to learn literacy and writing skills that will help foster a lifelong interest and greater understanding of language arts, reading and writing.

JPS parents, families, and educators are invited to experience the 'Story to Stage' exhibit. For more information or to schedule a visit, please call Mrs. Anderson at (601) 960-8945.