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FY22 Equitable Services Intent to Participate for Private Schools in Jackson, MS

To all Private School Administrators:

Each year the Mississippi Department of Education requires the Jackson Public School District to inform area private schools of the possibility of participation in federally funded grant programs available to the Jackson Public School District for the upcoming school year (2021-22), including:

  • Title I, Part A (Educational Assistance to At-risk Students);
  • Title II, Part A (Professional Development/Supporting Effective Instruction);
  • Title III, Part A (Language Instruction for English Learners and Immigrant Students);
  • Title IV, Part A (Well Rounded Education/Safe and Healthy Students/Effective Use of Technology);

 It is the District’s responsibility to determine whether your school wishes to participate in one or more of these federally funded programs. Only non-profit schools may participate.

To indicate a desire to participate in one or more of the above-listed programs to the extent your school is subsequently determined to be eligible, complete the Intent to Participate form included below and return to the Director of State and Federal Programs by email or at the address indicated below. 

The deadline for your response is February 8, 2021. (If this date is not at least thirty days after this letter’s post-mark date, then the deadline is 30 days after the post-mark.) The District will make further contact attempts if you are unresponsive two weeks after this Initial Contact Letter is mailed. A private school that does not respond by the deadline will be considered non-participating, absent good cause. 

Upon return of your school’s Intent to Participate form to the School District, the identified private school representative will be contacted in order to begin consultations about equitable services programs. 

Feel free to mark all program boxes and make your final decision about individual program participation during our consultations. 

If your school does not desire to participate in any equitable services programs for the school year 2021-22, please mark the appropriate box and return the form to us.

Download Every Student Succeeds Act Programs (ESSAY)(PDF)

Download Private School Intent to Participate for the 2021-22 School Year (Fillable Form)(PDF)