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Ten JPS Teachers Complete the 2019-2020 AFT/JFT Teacher Leaders Program

September 22, 2020

JPS had ten teachers to complete the 2019-2020 America Federation of Teachers (AFT)/Jackson Federation of Teachers (JFT) Teacher Leaders Program this summer. The program identifies and brings together a select group of educators and paraprofessionals and empowers them to assume active leadership roles in their schools, unions, and communities. These teachers then serve as catalysts to build the profession and strengthen the union and its connection to the community in order to generate support and understanding of public schools. Teacher leaders will continue to use the skills they develop in the yearlong program throughout their careers.

Torris Bell Erika Bryant Tiffany Davis
Torris Bell Erika Bryant Tiffany Davis
Angela Jones Willie McIntyre Jessica O'Banner
Angela Jones Willie McIntyre Jessica O'Banner
Norma Phillips Chanda Rhodes Martha Taylor
Norma Phillips Chanda Rhodes Martha Taylor

The 2019-2020 AFT/JFT Teacher Leaders are:

  • Torris Bell, Music Teacher at Baker Elementary School
  • Erika Bryant, 1st Grade Teacher at Pecan Park Elementary
  • Tiffany Davis, Paraprofessional at Lake Elementary School
  • Angela Jones, Exceptional Education Teacher at Lanier High School
  • Willie McIntyre, 5th Grade Science Teacher at Timberlawn Elementary School
  • Jessica O’Banner, Counselor at Raines Elementary School
  • Norma Phillips, 4th Grade Science/Social Studies Teacher at Casey Elementary School
  • Chanda Rhodes, Teacher, R.E.A.P. Program at French Elementary
  • Jeannie Terry, Exceptional Education Teacher at Whitten Middle School (Not pictured.)
  • Martha Taylor, Retired Teacher & Tutor at Raines Elementary School

Jackson Federation of Teachers and PSRP, AFL-CIO is a local affiliate of the National American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Since 2011, the AFT Teacher Leaders Program (TLP) has helped prepare educators (typically teachers) to facilitate discussions of policy issues that impact the profession both locally and nationally. The program has brought together and coached cohorts of teachers to take active leadership roles in their individual schools, school districts, and local communities. Participants gain skills in a collaborative culture; presenting research that connects with policy and practice; and advocating for teachers, students, and families in public education. The Teacher Leaders Program was developed to address the lack of teachers' voices in discussions of national education policy.