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JPS Parent of the Year Named Congressional District 2 Finalist

June 18, 2020

Mark Anthony Davis Jr.

Mark Anthony Davis Jr.

The Mississippi Department of Education announced that JPS Parent of the Year Mark Anthony Davis Jr. is the 2020 Congressional District 2 Finalist for the Mississippi Parent of the Year. He was nominated for having a true passion for the community and the well-being of all students.

Davis has two children at Spann Elementary, Lia in second grade and Clair in first grade. His oldest son Mark Anthony III graduated from fifth grade at Spann in 2019. As a parent, Davis tries to prepare his children for life, and that includes helping them succeed in school, prepare for college and careers, and navigate family and friend relationships. While he does not expect his children to have the same interests that he did as a child, he expects them to give 100% at whatever they do. He is deeply involved in their activities, which include ballet, kung fu, and reading clubs. He works with their mom to make sure they can take advantage of great opportunities with the hope of passing on what they have learned from life to make their children's lives better.

Research has repeatedly shown that parental involvement is a critical factor determining the academic success of students. As part of the annual Parent of the Year program, the MDE asks each district to select an outstanding parent who has made a significant impact on school improvement efforts in the school district. The selection committee for the state-level honor reviewed numerous applications submitted by school districts and selected the four congressional district finalists. The 2020 Mississippi Parent of the Year is Lisa McCusker, a parent of two students in the Pascagoula-Gautier School District.