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JPS Seeking Parent & Community Feedback in Assessing District Needs

February 4, 2020

JPS is seeking the input of school parents and community members on the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey. The purpose of this survey is to examine multiple sources of data to identify the prioritized needs of the District as well as of individual schools. The data will assist schools in monitoring and assessing the impact of programs and instruction on student achievement. In addition, the analysis of the data can help guide the refinement of current instructional practices within schools. The Comprehensive Needs Assessment is required as part of the Consolidated Federal Program Application (CFPA) process and focuses on gathering data in five dimensions: student achievement, curriculum and instruction, professional development, family and community involvement, and school context and organization.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We value your feedback.

The deadline to complete this survey is February 26.

Take the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Survey for JPS Parents & Community Members.