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JPS Announces Plan to Redesign Schools in Support of 'Excellence for All'


 Optimizing for Equity

December 6, 2019

On Friday, December 6, Jackson Public Schools released its three-year plan for school redesign throughout the District, which will expand the District’s pre-kindergarten offerings, support the development of a world-class teaching and learning center, and generate cost savings that pave the way for long-term strategic investments.

The school redesign plan, entitled Optimizing for Equity, builds upon the District’s five-year strategic action plan released earlier this year, which outlines five key commitments the District made to scholars and families that are guiding its decisions and actions. In addition, the District relied heavily on information gathered through its ongoing community engagement activities and data from a recent enrollment study conducted by Education Resource Strategies based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to inform the school redesign plan.

"We are confident this plan will enable us to redesign school offerings and improve opportunities for scholars to receive similar educational experiences regardless of their zip code," said Dr. Errick L. Greene, JPS Superintendent. "As we emphasized in our strategic plan, we are fervently committed to providing each scholar in each school with equitable access to high-quality instruction, courses, and resources, and this school redesign plan brings us one step closer to delivering on that promise."

Community meetings to inform parents about the specific impact of the redesign plan for their scholar’s school will be held starting Monday, December 9. The full school redesign plan will be presented to the JPS Board of Trustees for consideration as information only at its regular board meeting on December 17. 

"This process is extremely exciting because this plan will make it possible to give all children what they need to learn, thrive, and succeed," said Letitia S. Johnson, president of the JPS Board of Trustees. "I believe this plan creates true equity throughout the entire district and enables us to maximize our resources in ways that will have long-term benefits for all of the scholars, families, and neighborhoods the district serves."

About Jackson Public Schools

Jackson Public Schools is the second-largest school district in Mississippi, serving nearly 24,000 scholars, representing more than 80 percent of school-aged children in the state's capital and only urban municipality. With a firm belief in the importance of equity, excellence, growth mindset, relationships, relevance, and positive and respectful cultures, JPS works to develop scholars through world-class learning experiences to attain an exceptional knowledge base, critical and relevant skill sets, and the necessary dispositions for great success.

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