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JPS Hosts Microsoft Education Training for School IT and Ed Tech Pros

April 11, 2019

Instructional technology staff presentation
IT group presentation
Technology professionals from Jackson Public Schools and other districts across the state participated in job-specific Microsoft Education sessions on April 3.

A team from Microsoft Education conducted sessions for school IT and education technology professionals on April 3. Two sessions in the series, "EDU Tech Chats: Elevate Students," were held simultaneously in the School Board Meeting Room. The sessions covered device management and security and integrating technology in the classroom. Microsoft and CDWG partnered to present these sessions that drew participation from school districts across the state as well as within JPS.

The Management and Security training was designed to help IT departments manage and deploy Windows 10 devices in schools while protecting student information and preserving the integrity of the network. The classroom integration session, entitled Stop, Collaborate, and Inclusion, was presented to technology facilitators as a hands-on workshop. Participants explored applications that foster student and educator collaboration, accessibility tools to empower personalized learning, and ways to spark students' enthusiasm for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) lessons.

"The sessions were educational and informative," said JPS technology analyst William Terrell. "It was a real learning experience for technology."

Anticipating a change in the way schools teach, learn, and collaborate, Microsoft and CDWG, seek to help schools adapt their instructional environments. Microsoft Education envisions classrooms with technology-enriched learning experiences that improve student outcomes. The program promotes inclusive, connected classrooms and offers devices, applications, and other resources to ensure the security of the district's technology framework. The idea is that consistent access to devices and applications like Office 365 and Minecraft: Education Edition will cultivate curiosity and creativity in students.

The projected outcomes of schools transformed by device access and personalized learning tools include:

  • Students' reading and language skills increase as their interest in and excitement about learning continues at all levels.
  • Teachers are better able to stay organized, find and share content, and monitor student progress.
  • For IT staff, device and user management becomes easier to manage and more affordable.

In partnering with Microsoft and CDWG to roll out Microsoft Education, the District's Information Technology and Instructional Technology staffs are paving the way for transformational learning to take place in every JPS classroom.