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Walton Fourth Graders Take Down Mountain Dew in Multiplication Challenge

April 9, 2019

Multiplication Challenge boy against Marilyn
Walton Elementary fourth graders take on employees of Mountain Dew for the partnership's annual Multiplication Challenge.

The "Are You Smarter Than Mountain Dew?" Multiplication Challenge was held at Walton Elementary School recently. Fourth-grade students challenged the team from Mountain Dew/Brown Bottling Group to a rapid-response math quiz. Once again, the fourth graders from Walton were victorious.

Edie Graham, a former educator at the school, returned to serve as moderator. The competition is serious fun for the students and the employees from Mountain Dew. The program is designed to help students get ready for annual testing and develop their interest in mathematics. It also eases tension associated with taking the tests.

Mountain Dew/Brown Bottling Group has been an adopter of Walton for more than 20 years. Former owner Ken Brown initiated the partnership in 1987.

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