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UMMC Holds Exploratory Classes for Lanier Academy Students in Its Medical Science Labs

December 18, 2018

UMMC students and technologist look at brain preserved in glass case
Lanier Health Services Academy students learn about the cell structures of the brain during a visit to the medical sciences laboratories at UMMC.

Lanier High School's Academy of Health Services students took part in health sciences classes at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. They studied at the histotechnology and medical science labs under the direction of Dr. Felicia Tardy, Dr. Stacie Vance, Bevilyn Perkins, and Dr. Renee Wilkins. The aspiring health professionals participated in a series of classroom and lab activities in the areas of histotechnology, urinalysis, and microbiology.

"As a student and a member of the health science class, it was a great experience to go to UMMC and to be exposed to careers in the medical field," said Christina Buckley, a 10th-grade Academy of Health Services student. "We gained a wealth of knowledge that captivated our interest."

In the histotechnology lab, the guided experiments helped students understand how the cell structures of the brain are formed. Instructors shared the process of their experimentation with the students step-by-step. At the medical laboratory, students viewed the different types of bacteria under a microscope and learned how to make an isolated strand of bacteria. In their lessons with the urologist, the students learned how to test body fluids and to interpret the test results.

Dr. Latoya R. Moore is a professor at UMMC who connected Lanier students to this experience. The trip was sponsored by Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, the UMMC Department of Medical Laboratory Science and the Lanier High School Academy of Health Services.