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Wingfield Scholars Express Themselves Through Media

Students working with video camera and audio equipment
Wingfield FAME students learning videography

Wingfield FAME (fine arts, athletics, mechanics, and engineering) students joined the Mississippi Youth Media Project (YMP) for training on writing, video, podcasting, photography, and web design. FAME scholars meet once a week for media training and mentoring with YMP staffers. The program also emphasizes the soft skills, like communication, teamwork, and attitude, that everyone needs to enter the business and professional world.

These students became involved in the Mississippi Youth Media Project in January 2016 and participate in YMP workshops and training throughout the school year. is an online publication where the students have posted their work, including thoughtful articles and videos capturing their experiences.

The FAME program was created by Wingfield Principal Dr. Willie Killins Jr. The program's activities center around project-based learning while facilitating opportunities to develop disciplines of respect and self-motivation in the scholars who participate. Because the program has a non-traditional schedule, it is a great fit for mentorship programs like the one offered through YMP.

"This will be an ongoing day at the office for students to job shadow, expand their view of possibilities as they're exposed to YMP’s amazing downtown office environment to learn the many facets of journalism, understand the value of writing their own stories, and expand their circle of positive influences," said Dr. Killins.

Murrah High School English and journalism teacher Lynn Schneider, who has led Murrah students to competition-level excellence in journalism and digital media, is the YMP summer program coordinator. She works closely with Donna Ladd, Jackson Free Press editor and founder of the Mississippi Youth Media Project.

With funding provided by the Kellogg Fellows Leadership Alliance, students are able to participate in this unique media training program for free. Students come away with practical skills to work as freelancers and more importantly with the ability to influence the media landscape. YMP's mission is to teach young people to understand how media is produced, how to produce powerful stories that reach a larger audience, and how to make equity a component in building their community's media narrative.

Visit the Mississippi Youth Media Project website for more information.