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Forest Hill Seniors Score 30 on ACT in Reading

Sylvionna Horton and Martio Silas
Sylvionna Horton and Martio Silas, Forest Hill scholars who scored 30 on the Reading portion of the ACT.

Forest Hill High School seniors Sylvionna Horton and Martio Silas recently scored a 30 on the reading portion of the ACT. Both Martio and Sylvionna achieved composite scores above the national average—Martio scored a 21 and Sylvionna 26. Still, these high-achievers intend to test again to increase their composite scores.

"Math and science are my favorite subjects so I was surprised but glad to see my reading score was a 30," said Martio.

"I always work hard, and knowing that I did well on this one just makes me want to work harder," said Sylvionna.

Martio is a JROTC cadet at Forest Hill. He has enlisted in the Army and plans to attend college. Horton plans to attend Tougaloo College on an academic scholarship after graduation.