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JPS Seeks Educators for Wit and Wisdom Leader Cohort

August 29, 2023

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The Office of Teaching and Learning and the Great Minds Team have been working diligently to support the implementation and the effectiveness of the Wit and Wisdom Curriculum Resources.  This school year, we are instituting the W&W Leader Cohort. We are searching for the most motivational and inspirational teacher leaders in your building to lead this implementation.  We are seeking teachers from your building in grade K-5 to apply. Two teachers from your building will be selected to participate. One teacher will represent K-2 and the other teacher will represent 3-5.  

The selected group of educators will partake in the Great Minds Wit & Wisdom Leader Program that will kick off training from Friday, September 15th through next spring. The group will be critical to our district’s implementation success and will be responsible for sustaining professional learning in the district after initial training is provided by Great Minds.  

Interested applicants must click here to access the 2023 W&W Leaders Cohort Application.   

All applications and principal recommendations must be submitted by Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

Principal recommendations can be accessed by clicking here.  

All recommendations are due back by Wednesday, September 6, 2023.  

The district team will make the final decision of the selected applicants to participate.  Selected participants will be notified by Monday, September 11, 2023.

All selected participants will be compensated with a $3000.00 stipend - half to be paid in December 2023 and the other half to be paid in June 2024.


Participants will: 

  • deepen their understanding of effective implementation and the actions needed to support such implementation, 
  • develop skills in internalizing and facilitating professional learning,  
  • build skills in assessing student learning and using assessments to drive instruction, 
  • build collaboration within and across schools in the district, and 
  • strategically plan to support and sustain success across phases of implementation in the coming years.  


The program comprises the following: 

  • Orientation Sessions: The Great Minds team facilitates introductions, reviews program details and logistics, and introduces the course’s technology platforms. 
  • Synchronous Professional LearningWit & Wisdom leaders engage in various Wit & Wisdom and Geodes PD sessions to deepen content expertise and prepare for success on program assessments.  
  • Asynchronous, On-demand Professional LearningWit & Wisdom leaders engage in up to 90 minutes of asynchronous learning per program phase to deepen their understanding of the curriculum and develop their skills tied to the program’s performance-based assessments. Wit & Wisdom leaders also participate in monthly online discussions that foster collaboration and critical thinking tied to classroom implementation and implementation success.  
  • Performance-based AssessmentsWit & Wisdom leaders demonstrate their growing understanding of and skills in implementing Great Minds humanities curricula and resourcesboth in the classroom and in supporting their colleagues, through an assessment series at the beginning, middle, and end of the program. 
  • Ongoing Implementation Support: Wit & Wisdom leaders attend one-on-one or small group coaching meetings related to assessments, feedback, or implementation support.  
  • Access to Materials and Resources: By participating in the program, participants will gain access to Great Minds professional learning materials and resources.  


Wit & Wisdom Leaders should demonstrate the following: 

  1. Commitment to Knowledge Building and Skill Integration 
  2. Enthusiasm for Working with Others 
  3. Ability to Foster Productive Struggle 
  4. Experience with Wit & Wisdom 
  5. Commitment to Personal Growth 

Wit & Wisdom leaders should also be willing to:  

  • attend at least 90 percent of virtual synchronous training sessions, 
  • facilitate virtual or in-person Wit & Wisdom PD for the school or district,  
  • create and execute a curriculum implementation plan, 
  • use training provider content and intellectual property solely for the purpose of education and training in the school and district, not for any other purpose, organization, or for private gain, and 
  • complete all asynchronous training requirements. 

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Kimberly Smith at