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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week With Salute to our Top Educators of 2024

May 6, 2024

Jackson Public Schools is honored to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week May 6–10, 2024, by paying tribute to our MVPs (most valuable personnel). Yes, we are talking about our classroom teachers.

Most education research agrees that teacher quality is the greatest predictor of student achievement. Teachers — especially when working cooperatively with families — play a major role in the well-being of students. It is important to acknowledge that teachers contribute significantly to students' positive performance in the classroom and their future academic, social, and career endeavors. This week gives us a golden opportunity to celebrate the impact of teachers.

As part of this nationwide celebration, Jackson Public Schools would like to also recognize the Teachers of the Year at each of our schools and programs. These teachers represent the many excellent educators in their schools and throughout our District. After all, we have to acknowledge that recent improved ratings experienced at our schools could not have happened if not for the coordinated efforts of committed teams. We look at our Teachers of the Year as representatives of the outstanding teachers in their buildings. 


Latesha Burroughs Brenda Herring Sheila Johnson Sarah Nicholson
Bates Elementary
Latesha Burroughs
Boyd Elementary
Brenda Herring
Casey Elementary
Sheila Johnson
Clausell Elementary
Sarah Nicholson
Triana Davis Nitina Campbell Chesmond Jordan Verkitra Donelson
Dawson Elementary
Triana Davis
Galloway Elementary
Nitina Campbell
Green Elementary
Chesmond Jordan
Isable Elementary
Verkitra Donelson
Kasandra Manuel
Lakreisha Johnson Charles Jackson Laquinta Hobson
John Hopkins Elementary
Kasandra Manuel
Johnson Elementary
Lakreisha Johnson
Key Elementary
Charles Jackson
Lake Elementary
Laquinta Hobson
Bernisha Stamps Raven Hamilton Markena Davis Janika Leak
Lester Elementary
Bernisha Stamps
McLeod Elementary
Raven Hamilton
McWillie Elementary
Markena Davis
North Jackson Elementary
Janika Leak
Hanna Bourque Katie Hayes Marquita Nichols Nekita King Adams
Oak Forest Elementary
Hanna Bourque
Obama Elementary
Katie Hayes
Pecan Park Elementary
Marquita Nichols
Raines Elementary
Nekita King Adams
Tamela Orleus Christy Esco Patricia Fonville Latausha Robinson
Smith Elementary
Tamela Orelus
Spann Elementary
Christy Esco
Sykes Elementary
Patricia Fonville
Timberlawn Elementary
Latausha Robinson
Alesia White Bethany Phillip Mallard Freeman  
Van Winkle Elementary
Alesia White*
Wells APAC
Bethany Phillip
Wilkins Elementary
Mallard Freeman

 * Alesia White, Van Winkle – 2023-2024 Districtwide Teacher of the Year

Not Pictured:

  • Marshall Elementary – Chrystal Stern
  • Walton Elementary – Frencheska Robinson


Shevette Lyons Daphne Colbert Kimberly Hardy Nina Jones
Bailey APAC Middle School
Shevette Lyons
Blackburn Middle School
Daphne Colbert
Cardozo Middle School
Kimberly Hardy
Chastain Middle School
Nina Jones
Ariel Wolfe Melissa Barksdale Laquincia Henderson Kasey Trosper
Kirksey Middle School
Ariel Wolfe
Peeples Middle School
Melissa Barksdale
Powell Middle School
Laquincia Henderson
Whitten Middle School
Kasey Trosper


Tonya Moore Elisha Spires Katessa Leverette Latonia Bilbro
Callaway High School
Tonya Moore
Forest Hill High School
Elisha Spires
Jim Hill High School
Katessa Leverette
Lanier Jr./Sr. High School
Latonia Bilbro
Lanita Balu Stephanie Hatcher Tonya Hughes Myeshia Wallace
Murrah High School
Lynnita Balu
Provine High School
Stephanie Hatcher
Wingfield High School
Tonya Hughes
Career Development Center
Myeshia Wallace
Bonita Simmons Alexandria Drake    
Capital City Alternative
Bonita Simmons
Jackson-Tougaloo ECHS
Alexandria Drake

Not Pictured:

  • Re-Engaging in Education for All to Progress – Kiangela Pittman
  • Henley-Young Youth Court School – Brandie Finley

How You Can Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

You can help celebrate educators this week by letting them know just how appreciated they are by sharing a message on social media with #ThankATeacher. For a more personal approach, send a note or small token of appreciation. You might also want to involve your children in a project to show their love and gratefulness for the good teachers impacting their lives.