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Move To Learn Comes to McWillie

March 8, 2024

On Thursday, March 7, McWillie students were treated to a surprise appearance and program by Coach Larry Calhoun, the face and facilitator of Move To Learn. In partnership with The Bower Foundation and Mississippi Department of Education, Move To Learn aims to improve schools by getting kids out of their desks and moving in meaningful ways. Coach Calhoun facilitated two assemblies while at McWillie: one for Pre-Kindergarten and Montessori 3-6 students, and later for Montessori 6-9 and 9-12 students. Combining humor, heart, and health education, Coach Calhoun spoke to both students and teachers about the importance of calming mind and body and appreciating the people who support and uphold them daily. They also did plenty of exercising!


Students play bongo drums

Pre-K and Montessori 3-6 students play Coach Calhoun's drums while their peers exercise.



Coach Calhoun dances with students

Coach Larry Calhoun excites the students with high energy movement breaks.


Nearly all teachers at McWillie already use resources provided by Move To Learn, including lesson plans and movement videos. Families can visit to find ideas and materials to implement movement and active brain breaks at home!


Coach Calhoun poses with four Pre-K teachers

Coach Calhoun smiles with Pre-K techers (from left) Stacy Parker, Stephanie Shortt, Edna Daniels, and Angela Harris.