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Ribbon Cutting of New Accessible Playground

McWillie Elementary preschool students are excited to play together on their newly-upgraded, inclusive playground.  The new playground features accessibility and play-based learning opportunities for all children, regardless of learning differences or motor abilities.  Playground equipment includes structures for students with various visual, motor, auditory, and other developmental differences. Included among its features is a seesaw that accommodates 8 or more children at one time, regardless of their core strength or other motor limitations.  Most importantly, all students can access and play on all structures together.  JPS Special Education Preschool Director, Hope Pearson, says, “Play is such an integral part of preschool learning. I am elated to have had the opportunity to coordinate this project, in the spirit of inclusion.” McWillie Special Education teacher, Bridget Harris, says “My students have really enjoyed the new features on our playground. They have increased their play with their peers and their communication skills during recess.”  Principal, Dr. Sara Harper, says “Our scholars learn together regardless of their learning differences.  We are excited to have a new playground that reflects our philosophy of 100% inclusion at McWillie.” McWillie Elementary students, staff, & JPS Exceptional Education leaders celebrated the groundbreaking of the new playground on November 16, 2023.