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McWillie Elementary School Gifted Scholars visited the Capitol

January 26, 2023

McWillie Elementary School Gifted Scholars, grades 1-5, visited the State’s Capitol on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. They joined the Mississippi Association of Gifted Children, parents, and other scholars from around the state to advocate for legislative support for gifted programs in the state. The scholars were able to ask questions about the legislative process and share concerns and desires for fundamental funding for gifted classrooms across Mississippi. Mrs. Sara Burris, Gifted teacher at McWillie, stated that the experience was pivotal in forming alliances across the state and making connections to stakeholders who play a vital role in our scholar’s educational journey. “McWillie strives to provide cultural experiences that empower students from various culture backgrounds,” stated by an administrator at McWillie. Parents and grandparents traveled with the scholars to show support and share advocacy for education in our state. “The gifted students visit to the State’s Capitol and Supreme Court is a direct example of how exposure is essential to our scholar’s educational experience,” stated Precious Malembeka, parent and administrator. 


Gifted Scholars visit the Capitol 


Gifted Teacher Sara Burris, (2nd from right), gifted scholars grades 1st-5th, supporting family, and Rolling Fork Mayor Eldridge J. Walker, (left), was present, as was Senator Joseph Thomas Sr., (right), and Jackson businessperson Malcolm White, former owner of Hal & Mal’s restaurant, (4th row left).