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School Status Awards Chromebooks to JPS for Outstanding Parent Engagement

 May 1, 2020

School Status Champions Thank you to School Status for donating 10 Chromebooks to Jackson Public Schools as a result of the great work our educators have been doing to engage with our students and parents. JPS has sent and received over 1 million text messages and over 1.3 million total engagements this school year!

“You are changing students' lives by communicating with parents daily with meaningful conversations,” said Leslie Ortego of School Status. "We would like to congratulate you by donating 10 Chromebooks to Jackson Public Schools. Your commitment to your students, especially during times of uncertainty, can have lasting and transformative effects. We thank you.”   

Congratulations to the following schools for being recognized for having the most engagements per student:

  • Bailey APAC Middle School
  • Boyd Elementary School
  • Power APAC School
  • Callaway High School
  • Spann Elementary School