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Jackson Public Schools Bids a Fond Farewell to Retiring Employees

June 8, 2021

Congratulations 2021 Retirees
Do you know a retiring JPS employee? Download their retirement card to share on social media with your congratulations post.
Watch: JPS Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene's Message to Retirees

Jackson Public Schools will bid a fond farewell to 110 employees who are retiring this school year. Many of them have served faithfully in our District for more than 20 years. It's been said that organizations are only as great as the people we employ who embrace our mission and share our core values. As a school district entrusted with educating more than 80 percent of our community's children, we know our teachers and support staff are critical to our mission and we value their contributions. While we will miss these employees, we salute them for all they have given of themselves in service to our scholars and their colleagues.

"I'm excited to celebrate all of our JPS retirees," said Dr. Errick L. Greene, Superintendent. "It's an honor to have individuals to choose to work in such a noble field as education, to do it for so many years, and to end their careers with Jackson Public Schools. We're honored and thankful for the time that they've invested, the heart and the smarts that they've invested, here and in all of the scholars."

Though we have opted out of our traditional reception for a second year, we want to salute these team members in grand style as they embark on the next thing life's journey has for them. Please join us in an online celebration by saving one of the retirement cards at the link above and sharing it with a post on social media congratulating them on this milestone.

First Name Last Name Location
Minnie Abdu Bailey Middle School
Janice Alexander Shirley Elementary School
Linda Alexander Timberlawn Elementary School
Gloria Ayers Bailey Middle School
Vanessa Baker Transportation
Magaline Barksdale Forest Hill High School
Jackie Battle JROTC
Robert Beacham Walton Elementary School
Dorothy Beard Career Development Center
Tijuana Boyanton Murrah High School
Earlene Bradford Jim Hill High School
Willie Brady Callaway High School
Geneva Brooks Sykes Elementary School
Kathryn Broome Wingfield High School
Diane Brown North Jackson Elementary School
Stephanie Brown Whitten Middle School
Taryn Brown Cardozo Middle School
Martha Buford Spann Elementary School
Annetta Butler Blackburn Middle School
Leigh Butler Obama Magnet School
Lillie Chaffin Campus Enforcement
Velma Chisholm Payroll
Morriell Clincy Transportation
Eddie Coleman Galloway Elementary School
Annie Collins Raines Elementary School
Georgie Cooper Transportation
Donald Daniels JROTC
Dorothy Davis Brinkley Middle School
Monica Dejohn Casey Elementary School
David Deville Bailey Middle School
Mary Dixon Jim Hill High School
Marcie Durr Facilities & Operations (Carpentry)
Tracey Edwards Facilities & Operations
Annette Evans Wingfield High School
Deneice Foggy Johnson Elementary School
Amorita Glasper Provine High School
Patricia Graham Forest Hill High School
Jeanette Grayson Lester Elementary School
Larry Green Chastain Middle School
Bernadine Harmon Jim Hill High School
Reginald Harris Transportation
Carol Hester Campus Enforcement
Joe Hester Whitten Middle School
Kelvin Hobbs Facilities & Operations (Plumbing)
Isiac Hughes Facilities & Operations (Site Care)
Mary Hulitt Transportation
Sandra Jackson Cardozo Middle School
Albert Johnson Transportation
Willie Jones Transportation
Margaret Jurden Marshall Elementary School
Robert Kelly Jim Hill High School
Valerie Kursar Murrah High School
Barbara Lenoir Pecan Park Elementary School
Alice Lewis Facilities & Operations
Monica Lewis Galloway Elementary School
Nicklous Livingston Watkins Elementary School
Inez Locke Cardozo Middle School
Cynthia Long Exceptional Education
Jackie Macklin Transportation
Evonne Mangum Wingfield High School
Meka Marion Bates Elementary School
Kimberly McCarthy Shirley Elementary School
Lola McCarty Campus Enforcement
Mary McGrew Business Services (Budget)
Maxine Moorehead Murrah High School
Patricia Morgan Transportation
Raynette Nichols Career Development Center
Joan Norwood Exceptional Education
David Odies Facilities & Operations (Plumbing)
Donna Pemberton Lester Elementary School
Natascha Pittman-Calhoune Oak Forest Elementary School
Gladys Ransburg Powell Middle School
Erta Richards Child Nutrition
Dixie Robinson John Hopkins Elementary School
Mary Robinson Capital City Alternative School
Marguerite Rufus Public Engagement
Williard Rutland Forest Hill High School
Curtis Schaffer Campus Enforcement
John Shelby Facilities & Operations (Carpentry)
Wanda Singleton JROTC
Latongula Slater Murrah High School
Mallory Smiley Whitten Middle School
Mike Smith Campus Enforcement
Stanley Spell Jim Hill High School
Elizabeth Spence McLeod Elementary School
Lorenzo Stampley Bailey Middle School
Roscoe Stapleton Facilities & Operations
Jeffery Stokes Murrah High School
Vonnie Sutton Cardozo Middle School
Mary E. Taylor Brinkley Middle School
Darlene Thomas Callaway High School
Thelma Thomas Marshall Elementary School
Earlene Thompson Cardozo Middle School
Larry Thurman Jim Hill High School
Carolyn Tillman Exceptional Education
Janice Tolston Pecan Park Elementary School
Debora Turner Lanier High School
Vidya Vedanarayanna Wells APAC School
Ellen Walker Career Development Center
Ina Watson Lanier High School
Stephanie West-O’Quinn Sykes Elementary School
Bettye Wheaton Child Nutrition
Lavon Williams Murrah High School
Shirley Williams Blackburn Middle School Middle School
Paul Willis JROTC
Rosemary Wilson Sykes Elementary School
Nathan Windom Oak Forest Elementary School
Phillip Wooley Chastain Middle School
Alfred Young Child Nutrition
Helen Young Marshall Elementary School