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JPS Websites Undergoing Redesign

December 19, 2019

The Jackson Public School District is partnering with Blackboard once again to redesign our district and school websites. The product of this endeavor will enhance the existing responsive and engaging web experience enjoyed by our website visitors. With a simplified homepage and re-tooled menus, the website promises to make it easier for our site visitors to navigate and find the information they are looking for. Additionally, our community will appreciate the responsive design which ensures the JPS website can be easily read and navigated on a wide range of devices— from desktops to mobile phones and tablets.

"This project complements the other rebranding efforts we have undertaken in the last year," said Sherwin Johnson, Executive Director of Public Engagement. "Having our websites hosted on a single platform and sharing a uniform look and feel provides cohesiveness across the organization and builds the District’s brand."

Our website platform allows school web managers to easily post and update webpages in a user-friendly and scalable environment that empowers teachers and grade-level teams to add classroom sections to school sites.

The New Homepage

Menus will stick to the top of the screen and display with a new horizontal orientation ensuring all options are visible on the screen. The Site Navigation menu and the My Start Bar will switch places. The Site Menu will move to the top of the screen and the universal My Start bar will be positioned below it and just above the main banner graphic rotator. As you scroll down the page, the Site Navigation menu sticks to the top of the screen.

The Global Icons bar, located below the main banner graphic, replaces the popular links menu providing even more efficient access to popular destinations like the online job application, ActiveParent for parents to check students' grades, Lunch Menus, School Registration, and Staff Email.

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