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JPS Superintendent Delivers Spring Address to Encourage District’s Teachers

March 22, 2019

Dr. Errick L. Greene
Dr. Errick L. Greene

As I moved about the district and visited classrooms over the last few months, I’ve been struck by the many educators and young people who are eager to learn and demonstrate excellence. I’m so proud of the leaders and educators who continually give of their personal time and talent to ensure that all JPS students are more than prepared for the next stages of their lives.

I’m sending you this message, first, because I want you to know that I see you, and I’m excited to be a part of the team with you. I have every confidence that hard and smart work will serve our students well. Secondly, I know that this work is challenging and sometimes we lose sight of the impact that we can have if we just stay the course.

I know lots of educators around the country right now are focused on test preparation, and while I agree that there’s a place for that, I want to encourage you to focus on high-quality instruction with appropriate differentiation, rigor, and checks for understanding. In short, keep teaching! The test shouldn’t be a surprise to our students, but more importantly, with high-quality and joyful bell-to-bell teaching and learning, our students will rise to the occasion.

Amazing things are destined for Jackson Public Schools. Let's work together to achieve greatness for our children and for this city.

Thank you,

Errick L. Greene, Ed.D.

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