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Lit ‘N Lifted Truck Club Donates Bikes to Scholars and Care Packages to First Year Educators

January 21, 2022

 Bike donation at Raines Elementary  Lake Elem. scholars  First-year educator at Raines Elementary  Lit 'N Lifted Truck Club Founder and President


In temperatures that dipped below freezing, members of the Lit ‘N Lifted Truck Club visited eight JPS schools to deliver two bikes at each location. Those schools include North Jackson Elementary, Raines Elementary, Lake Elementary, Oak Forest Elementary, Bates Elementary, Lester Elementary, Galloway Elementary, and Van Winkle Early Childhood School.

Lit ‘N Lifted is a truck club of men and women who specialize in social engagements and activities that provide positive recreation for its members and community support. Their events carry a focus on giving back to a village that has given so much to its members.

The goal of this donation was to motivate scholars to continue to work towards excellence in their school work and behavior. 2019 Forest Hill High graduate Jakobe Wesley is the President of Lit ‘N Lifted. “My mother has always taught me to take care of others. JPS has done a lot to prepare me for life. It is only fitting that we give back in this manner,” said Wesley. He also attended Cardozo Middle School and Oak Forest Elementary School.

“Our MLK Bike Giveaway is an opportunity to partner with the Jackson Public School District to offer positive incentives to students at several elementary schools across the district. We appreciate this opportunity to do it for others,” said Terrell Madison, Founder of Lit ‘N Lifted.

In addition to the bikes, first-year teachers and teacher assistants received a gift bag in appreciation for choosing to enter the educational profession.

“It’s always wonderful to see our alumni return home to share the positive impact JPS has had in their matriculation,” said Thea Faulkner, Director of JPS’ Partners in Education. “As Jakobe and I worked through the logistics of today, it was wonderful to see and hear this young man’s commitment to community service and his appreciation for the many educators throughout his time with JPS.”