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Lifechanger of the Year Nominee: Tanaucha Lewis of Casey Elementary

November 6, 2019

Tanaucha Lewis
Dr. Tanaucha Lewis

Dr. Tanaucha Lewis, a Behavior Specialist at Casey Elementary, is a 2019 Lifechanger of the Year nominee. Lewis was nominated by Krystal Cormack, a parent of one of her students at Casey. Cormack praised Lewis' unique ability to support students with special emotional and behavioral needs.

"As an educator myself, I didn't know people like Dr. Lewis existed," said Cormack. "She has the ability to build relationships with both students and adults. She strives toward ambitious outcomes, so that students are able to maximize their potential and lead lives of opportunity and joy. Dr. Lewis has both a skill and a gift in working with children, teachers and families when it comes to supporting children with emotional disabilities."

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