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Davis Magnet Elementary Renamed After President Barack Obama

Davis Magnet Elementary School has been renamed Barack H. Obama Magnet Elementary School.

Davis Magnet PTA President Janelle Jefferson announced at the Board of Trustees meeting on October 17 that school stakeholders voted on October 5 to rename the school.

"The school community wanted to rename the campus to reflect a person who fully represents ideals and public stances consistent with what we want our children to believe about themselves," said Jefferson.

"I wholeheartedly agree with the name," said Board President Camille Simms.

Discussion about renaming Davis Magnet Elementary School began in August after School Board members asked parents and community supporters to begin a dialogue about renaming the school which is currently named after Jefferson Davis, a Confederate leader. In September, the JPS School Board voted to give all name-changing power to the schools and local communities. The Davis Magnet PTA collected recommendations for name changes from students, staff and community supporters of the school. The school held an assembly on October 4 for students to present each class's top choice with an explanation of why.Barack Obama Magnet IB Elementary School was chosen after an election was held on the top three names submitted from a ballot.

"I applaud the efforts of our parents, staff, students, and the community who participated in this open process," said Principal Dr. Kathleen Grigsby. "We will continue to honor the name of our school with high academic performance and achievement."

The new name change will take effect during 2018-2019 school year.

Davis Elementary School has been ranked as Mississippi’s top elementary school. For the past several years, the school has achieved an A grade based on the Mississippi Department of Education's accountability ratings. The state superintendent also recognized Davis students for achieving the highest reading proficiency in Mississippi during the 2015-2016 school year.

Support new signage for Obama Magnet through the school's Go Fund Me page.

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